Fortune of the line(Get lucky on your chosen line)

V1.0 2014/11/13 Publish application

V1.1 2014/11/20 Publish application

V1.2 2015/02/13 Publish application

V1.3 2015/09/24 Publish application

V2.0 2018/10/02 Publish application

· It is japanese Amidakuji.

· 3 to 6 people can be play.

· The biggest feature is that participants can be displayed with Avatar icons.

· The default is a cute animal avatar.

· You can change to an avatar of a boy or a girl.

· The name can be changed freely.

· You can freely change the name of the winning prize.

· Horizontal lines are randomly drawn, but participants can also draw freely.

· In addition, there are five small games based on Amidakuji.

(Game enjoying how long your fortune will last, today’s fortune, competition in 5 people, confrontation with him, couple combination)

· Play alone or play at parties or drinking parties.

· Especially at party and drinking party, please excite with prize competition game and male and female coupling game.


This is called “AMIDA- Kuji” in Japan.

Here, vertical lines of the number of participants is already drawn.

Next, add some of the cross-line participants.

There is a prize ticket at the bottom of these vertical lines.

Please everyone to choose his points at the top of these lines to the end. (At the time of selection, I want to be invisible this cross line)

The point is that your selected line is to follow such rules go down the stairs from top to bottom.

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