ReelToReelLike MusicPlayer Pro(Nostalgic and stylish player)


v1.0 2017/2/23 Publish application

v2.0 2018/10/9 Publish application


v2.0 2019/03/03 Publish application

This APP Is a music player that the reel-to-reel tape image.

The reel-to-reel tape unit rotate, and volume of tape will continue to increase and decrease.

Along with the playback function as a music player, it can also be used as interior. it is possible to freely change color design of music player.

(background music and stylish interior)

 You can enjoy a time spacious, not only listen to music. because fun and nostalgic design

【Feature Description】

– You can register and play their favorite songs in the order of preference.

– The registered music can be later freely delete.  can be added the song.

– Rewind Fast-forward takes a little time, because it is the tape image. is inconvenient.

– Slow – usually – high-speed playback (7 stage rotation speed),  rewind – fast-forward(5 stage rotation speed) is possible.

– Shuffle and song cueing is not possible.

– Color design of music player can be selected from the default of eight.

– If you do not like the default settings, you can freely set color of player, reel-to-reel tape section(left and right), the upper button switch portion and the lower button switch portion etc.

   You can change the appearance on the combination of the combination of 200,000 or more to your liking.

– portrait and Landscape support. The arrangement of the parts will be the change, respectively.

【The difference between the free version / ReelToReelLikeMusicPlayerFree】

– The free version can only play one song, but in this application it is possible to register and play more than one song.



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