GoroGuraPon(Rolling ball game)- Invade the star of Naniwa –

V1.0 2016/03/30 Publish application(Private Limited Of Japan,iPhone only)

V1.1 2016/04/08 Publish application (Compatible with iPad)

V1.3 2016/05/01 Publish application (English correspondence, worldwide release)

V120 2018/09/13 Publish application

This is a simple game to put the ball on the board into the hole of the goal.But, it is very difficult.

It is an application that is supported in an optimal world when you want slowly concentrated in one person.

• IPhone or iPad to move back and forth and left and right by tilting the, please aim the goal to avoid the failure.

  Failure is a hole and the pin. It explodes on contact.

• In section 2, 3, there is a need, to try to circumvent the rotation barrier and discharge barrier.

• You must clear each section within the time limit.

• Each stage is a game set when the heart is lost.

• Until a new stage challenge 10 times, fail when the clear stage will be down.

• 20 stages (each of the three sections) has in store for you.

• Noisy Naniwa Alien is your opponent.

• Stage, the remaining time, remaining heart number will affect the score.

Please enjoy clear the stage.

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