2016.08.25 v1.0 Publish application

This game is a new sense of reversi game.

Due to the use of the six sides as a board of the 3D, it will change greatly aspect by one’s own effort.

Even if defeated in even one-to-50, you can have a large reversal victory with the several times offense and defense.

Perhaps ultra-aggressive conversion is continuous.

Exhilaration of when you large reverse the game is the best.

From small children to gymnastics of the elderly’s head,  wide range of generations can enjoy this game.

– Other than to use the six sides of 3D as a board, the rule is usually of Reversi and the basics are the same.

– You can play even one person vs the artificial intelligence.

– You can select the first player from the blue side or the red side.

-Scoreline record and display.

Please enjoy the ultra-offensive reversi of  large reversal.

6E_SS1 6E_SS2 6E_SS3 6E_SS4 6E_SS5

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