application list

ReelToReelLike MusicPlayer Pro

iOS support
V3.0 2024.4.14 released

Nostalgic and stylish player


iOS support
V3.0 2024.4.16 released

Nostalgic and stylish player

Fortune of the line

iOS support
V3.0 2024.0308 released

Get lucky on your chosen line

Let’s start fireworks festival

iOS support V3.0.2 2024.03.09 released
macOS support V3.0.2 2024.03.08 released

You are a fireworks master

Building Blocks Master

iOS support V2.0 2023.09.20 released
macOS support V2.0 2023.09.21 released

It is a simple building block app.All generations, from small children to the elderly, can play with peace of mind.

in the picture frame

iOS support
V2.1 2021.12.21 released

change to a magnificent photo

Exhibition room creator

iOS support
V1.1 2021.12.23 released

Exhibition rooms can be created in virtual space and augmented reality space.
further stand out your photo


iOS support
V1.0 2021.09.21 released

This is a viewer app for viewing works created with the app “ExhibitionRoomCreator”. You cannot create or appreciate works with this app alone.

Longterm-Time-lapse Camera

iOS support
V3.0 2022.03.05 released

It is a camera application that has a function to make it easier to reproduce the same angle of view when shooting still images at regular intervals for a long time or when shooting at regular intervals is not possible.


iOS support
V3.0 2020.01.07 released

Shoot a bow with your finger

Pod of the Maze

iOS support
V2.0 2023.07.20 released

Escape Game from maze


iOS support(only Japanese)
V1.3 2019.10.22 released

An app that plays with basic word combinations

The publication stop at the end of January 2023

Find the reversal sphere!

iOS support
V2.0 2021.01.29 released

ultra-offensive territory game

The publication stop at the end of March 2022

Aya’s Blocks

iOS support
V1.3 2020.04.18 released

Cubic & TriangularPrism blocks

The publication stop at the end of March 2022

GoroGuraPon(Rolling ball game)

iOS support
V2.0 2018.09.13 released

Invade the star of Naniwa –

The publication stop at the end of March 2022

drop daruma(by toss Batting)

iOS support
V1.1 2020.04.09 released

This is a mini-game that uses the familiar drop Daruma.

The publication stop at the end of March 2022

my exhibition room -for APP-

iOS support
V2.0 2020.05.01 released

Art museum gallery application
The publication stop at the end of August 2021. Please use “Exhibition Room Creator”.