drop daruma(by toss Batting)

iOS support
V1.1 2020.04.09 released

The publication stop at the end of March 2022

This is a mini-game that uses the familiar drop Daruma.Please use it to kill time.
Toss batting replaces the mallet.Once every 3 seconds, the ball is tossed, so swing the bat at the right time.
It is a simple operation that the bat is swing by tapping anywhere on the screen.
Points will be added when the hit ball flips the block under Daruma.
If Daruma falls to the floor it is a failure (end of challenge).
At first it is three steps, but if you succeed in removing the Daruma, it will increase to four steps, five steps …There is no end as it continues to grow unless it fails.
Do your best to achieve your highest score.
The result will be reflected in the game center.
(Supplementary explanation)
“daruma otoshi” is an old toy in Japan.
daruma otoshi; toy consisting of vertically stacked wooden blocks that must be knocked away without letting the daruma doll on top fall to the ground

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