Let’s start fireworks festival

iOS compatible V3.0.2 2024.01.22 Release
Mac compatible V3.0.2 2024.01.22 Release

Click here for instructions on how to use it

The sample video below is a landscape screen version of the Mac version.
Please turn your iPhone/iPad horizontally.

Sample video of the work Part 1
Sample video of the work Part 2
Sample video of the work Part 3

A large flower that flies in the night sky, fireworks that can be launched one after the other, Dodo Don, Dodo Dong
It is fun to see fireworks festival everyone.
But If your aesthetic sense is different, would you like to make different fireworks? Do you want to make fireworks to someone a message?
in that case,Please use this application which can make your own fireworks.

Contains 51 basic shapes of fireworks.
You can have three technique with a single ball.
By combining this, you can make balls of a variety of rich fireworks.

For each technique, you can set the size, color, start time, end time, extinction time & afterglowing magnitude.
By changing the settings of these elements it will be a fireworks with different images at all.

You have 30 firework balls that can be launched in succession.
You can enjoy one unique firework display / a symphony of continuous fireworks, it is up to you.

【Launch interval】
How many seconds later we will launch the next fireworks ball, the interval is also a big part of the work.
The shortest interval before the next launch is 0.5 seconds.
You can freely set the launch interval from the start of the launch until the last firework disappears.

【Launch height & direction】
You can easily set the explosion location in the night sky with a swipe.
You can place one firework ball at a time, so feel free to use the space as you like, such as by placing large flowers high in the sky & close to the ground.

【background photo】
You can freely select photos from the camera roll on your device as a background picture.
Since you can enlarge / reduce / move the selected photo, please set the background of the fireworks freely.
Hold a fireworks festival with memorable places & people using photos with transparent backgrounds.

The works you create can be saved to your camera roll as mp4 format videos.
Post it on your blog, SNS, YouTube, etc. for people all over the world to see.

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