Pod of the Maze

 – Escape Game from the 3D Labyrinth

iOS support
V2.0 2023.07.20 released

Escape Game from maze

This is an escape game from a 3D maze.

It’s a simple rule where you aim for the goal from the starting point.

However, your spatial awareness and memory will be put to the test.

You will get lost in three-dimensional space.

  • You will ride a pod and aim for the goal.
  • There are 2 to 4 pods other than yours that are moving. If you collide with another pod, the challenge will fail.
  • Energy is consumed with each movement. If you run out of energy, the challenge will fail. Make sure to recharge frequently at the charging corner.
  • The goal cannot be opened unless you collect five color balls. First, collect the five color balls.
  • There are 12 stages to challenge. You can challenge any stage, but Stage 0 is an introductory stage, which is roughly designed. The stages gradually become more difficult from Stage 0 to Stage 11.
  • If you succeed in the challenge of a particular stage, the radar will display the positions of the color balls in the next stage, making the challenge easier.
  • The arrival time at the goal in each stage will be registered at the game center. Compete with people from around the world.

How to use, click here.

(Reference) Video from start to goal  Stage0  4x speed

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