v1.0 2015/07/10 Publish application

v1.1 2015/10/01 Publish application

v2.0 2017/2/14 Publish application

The backdrop of vast Mount Fuji, let’s enjoy the Japanese archery?

1 Starting from the “visitor” , there is  23 stages .

2 which are selectively used or change, Depending on the stage.

・Target of “near,” “far” and “fixation”, “move”

・There are five bow  in the difference of intensity

・The number of available arrows, ten, twenty, thirty

3 Will change accuracy hitting the target by experience and physical strength.

4 If you clear goal scoring of each stage proceed to the next stage.

5 You can play a one-on-one game with friends and people around the world through fighting function.

6 If you win three consecutive times in a match game(Net battle only) you will be promoted  up Stage as a bonus. But, if you lose three consecutive times you demote Stage.

7 Please aim at the highest ranking “bow god”, please shoot the bow comfortably.

8 You can buy a strong bow with a winning coin at the shop. Membership (charged) is required at the entrance to the shop

Come on, please challenge by increasing the concentration.


It is a big upgrade from version 1.0 to version 2.0. where fighting function was added.

· It became possible to play one to one with friends and people in the world.

· Fixed the difference of strength of the bow by the device.

· The contents of the help are fulfilling.

· The design of the shop has changed.

· Other bug fixes



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