How to use the exhibition room creator

(The outline of how to use is explained by the ❓ button of the application)

(Click here for how to use Exhibition room in virtual space)

B Augmented reality

0 Mode switching
1 Creating a new room and entering an existing room
2 Creation of work (photograph in the frame)

  • (Supplement) Gorgeous picture frame selection
  • 3 Output of work
    4 Operation in the work warehouse
    5 Post the work in the exhibition room
    6 Delete the posted work
    7 Change the size of the posted work
    8 Fine adjustment of the posted work position
    9 Work description Label creation and display
    10 slide show
    11 Creating a video
    12 BGM change
    13 Various settings
    14 Data sharing with other devices

    The main screens of the exhibition room in the virtual space are as follows.

    1. the top screen
    2. List of exhibition rooms → List of created exhibition rooms. From here you can enter the room and share data with other devices.
    3. Exhibition → Main screen. From here you can move to the work storage or framed room.
    4. Work storage → A list of created works is displayed. You can also make a batch copy from another room.
    5. Framed room → Put a photo etc. in the frame and complete it as a work.