game rules

When your pod departs from the starting point and jumps into the goal point, the challenge is successful.

Furthermore, if you achieve a personal best, it will be registered in the game center. Keep striving for better records!

If your energy reaches zero, the challenge will fail.

To prevent this, make sure to recharge your energy at the energy station before it reaches zero.

If you collide with other pods, the challenge will fail.

When other pods approach, a warning sound will be triggered. Pay attention to the radar screen and avoid other pods while collecting the five color balls and heading towards the goal point.

Please note that the number of obstructing pods varies depending on the stage. There are 2 obstructing pods for stages 0 to 2, 3 obstructing pods for stages 3 to 8, and 4 obstructing pods for stages 9 to 11.