game process

By pressing the start button, first, the other pods will depart, and finally, your pod will be ready to depart. The departure is possible after the display shows “GO.”

When you press the simplified start button, the start of other pods is skipped, and they are randomly placed, allowing your pod to depart immediately.

Once your pod becomes ready to depart and you start moving it (forward, backward, right turn, left turn), the gameplay begins, and the elapsed time starts to count.

Please note that the number of other pods, excluding your pod, is as follows: 2 pods for stages 0 to 2, 3 pods for stages 3 to 8, and 4 pods for stages 9 to 11.

There are five color balls randomly placed inside the maze. You must collect all the color balls to unlock the goal point. So, start by collecting the five color balls first. Once you collect them, you can check them in the control panel.

To collect a color ball, please pause momentarily when you reach the block where the color ball is located. You will hear a “pong” sound, and the color ball will be acquired, causing the corresponding indicator on the control panel to light up.

If you pass through the block without stopping, the color ball will not be collected, so please be careful and make sure to pause at each block with a color ball.

Once you collect all five color balls, the goal point will be unlocked. When your pod jumps into the goal point, the challenge is successful.

If you achieve a personal best, it will be registered in the game center. Keep striving for better records!